No THRESHOLD showers/Wheel Chair Accessible SHowers


 The traditional bathroom setup has always been a shower/tub combination. As people have started renovating older homes and building new ones, bathrooms have become bigger, better, and much more glamorous. Many homeowners are completely leaving out the tub option, at least in the master suite, and opting for a large no threshold shower. 

The Benefits of a Low Threshold Shower Include

  • Increased Functional Space -  Because a no-threshold shower doesn’t require a ledge around its base, it can be placed differently than a traditional design. In some cases, this means it can extend usable space in the bathroom, whether that means more floor space or storage. 

  • Greater Accessibility -  For people who are disabled or looking to age in place, a seamless shower floor is a great choice. It eliminates the need to step up and over a ledge, giving greater accessibility to daily showers. 

  • Options for Glass Doors or Open Concepts -  Showers without thresholds can be designed to have glass doors or partitions, or they can be open concept, with no doors at all. This gives homeowners numerous possibilities for creating an ideal bath.



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