Hawkins Bookcase

Like all of us the Hawkins had a budget to do this project. The choice was made for us to come in and install the bookcase, the customers would paint it and then we would come back and install the doors and adjustable shelving. Mrs. Hawkins was a stay at home Mom of four but still found time to paint the bookcase. We then came back and did the final items and took pictures.

Some notable points to this installation was the paint job looked like a very good professional painter had done it. We laid out the upper bookcase fixed shelving to accommodate a statue that was important to the family. The existing mantel was stone and very nice so we built the bookcase around it. Before we installed the recessed panel feature above the mantel we re routed the cable and power so they could mount their TV above the fireplace giving them more usable floor space. We also wired in the cable box and DVD player and speakers behind the bookcase prior to installation so the wires were all hidden. As a finishing touch we installed a plug on top of each bookcase that was switched in an inconspicuous spot lower on the bookcase. These plugs where going to be used for Holiday lighting.