Customer Royce Tub to Shower Conversion


This project started as a steel tub with dated and hard to clean tile surround


A safe and easy to clean new Sterling shower surround system was installed

Strong Shower Pans

At JRS Home Solutions we "foam set" all of our shower pans to insure they have very minimal flexability


Grab Bars are installed throughout the shower where ever the customer feels they need them. We install 2x backing behind the enclosure prior to installing it to ensure that if you do need to grab on quickly the grab bar won't be going anywhere!

Built In Features

The Sterling by Kohler shower system have a lot of options including plenty of shelf space and including a shaving shelf.

Added Storage

All to frequently there is wasted space in bathrooms that doesn't occur to customers. We identified this wasted space at design and installed a custom shelving unit to utilize that space.